What to Wear on Your Swamp Tour Enjoy your bayou adventure in any season!

Boat tours of the bayou top off nearly every Louisiana itinerary. It’s the best way to see alligators basking in the sun, picturesque Spanish moss, and weathered Cypress trees in all their swampy glory. 

So make the most of your bayou tour! Dress for comfort and function rather than the Instagram story. Here’s our recommended packing list for your Swamp Tour. 

What to Wear for Your Swamp Tour

It may seem trivial now, but here in Louisiana (where you could be battling intense sunshine one minute and sheets of rain the next), your outfit can make or break any outdoor excursion. Check the weather before you go, but in this state, the weather is subject to change on a dime, in almost any season. 

That said, you’re going to get some amazing photos and a truly unique experience, rain or shine. 

Here are our suggestions on what to wear for a Louisiana swamp tour:

  • Water-resistant shoes. In the summer, plan for rain – no matter what your weather app tells you. Wear shoes that can hold up to a little moisture. 
  • Sun glasses. This might sound like an obvious one, but the rays really are stronger here than in most parts of the country. And you won’t want to miss out on an epic gator moment because you’re squinting through the afternoon sun!
  • Light layers. If you happen to take your tour during the fall or winter, expect pretty dramatic temperature changes in the mornings and evenings – so dress for the full range of temps. 

Pack the Necessities: What You’ll Need for your Boat Excursion

You don’t need much to enjoy a swamp tour – and in most cases, you’re better off packing light, and sticking to the essentials. 

Here are the basics that are definitely worth bringing onto the boat:

  • Waterproof bag or backpack. Pack your phone and wallet in something that zips shut: you’ll want something that protects your valuables from the swamp spray when those gators pop up. Keep in mind that anything you bring will be resting on the floor of the boat, so leave your fine leather purse at home. 
  • An umbrella. In a Louisiana summer, a day without rain is unusual. Unless there’s lightning or sheets of sideways rain, we’ll probably carry on as usual; so bring a small umbrella with you, even if it’s just for protection as you dash from your hotel to the Uber. 
  • Sunscreen. You’re going to need some protection when that rain clears up. The weather here can change quickly, so throw a bottle of sunscreen in your bag even if skies are cloudy when you leave.
  • Waterproof phone case. Between swamp splashes and the ever-present threat of rain, a waterproof phone case will come in handy (you’ll probably end up using it frequently throughout your New Orleans vacation). Give yourself some peace of mind while you snap a shot of that gator eye in portrait mode. 

No matter what you wear, pack, or forget to pack, you’re going to have an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the country. So enjoy every minute of your boat tour as you speed through the Louisiana swamp, and the unique ecosystem that surrounds it. And if you have any questions as you get ready for your tour, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!